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The vervet monkey (Chlorocebus aethiops) or African green monkey is among the most important non-human primate (NHP) models for biomedical research. An international collaborative effort (funded through several sources) has generated resources to enable large-scale investigations of the vervet.

This site aims to provide integrated access to these resources, some of which are already available for use by the biomedical research community, others of which are still in early stages of development. This site will be updated frequently, and will provide signposts to such updates.

Current and planned resources include the following:

Animal Resources  arrow

This is a portal to major animal and tissue resources, including the Vervet Research Colony, the Vervet Tissue Consortium, and the Native and Feral Population Consortium.
Genomics and Genetics  arrow

This portal provides links to initiatives providing genomic and genetic resources to vervet researchers, including genome sequencing, genome-wide expression data/analysis and physical and genetic maps.
Update -   Progress on the vervet reference genome assembly and genotyping data now available
Systems Biology  arrow

This portal will link investigators to resources that facilitate studies across multiple tissue types and organ systems, reflecting the reality that all phenotypes (behavioral, physiological, pathobiological) have multiple origins and effectors.

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